WOOL Sea Sponge

Caribbean natural sea sponge harvested from the Bahamas, the gulf of Mexico and off the southeastern coast of Florida, with similar qualities to the Honeycomb sponge (for more info on Honeycomb see here).

Wool’s soft texture makes it perfect for all types of skin, no matter how sensitive. Durable and absorbent, the Wool sea sponge does an excellent job as a bath sponge, cleansing and exfoliating skin in a gentle and natural way. Ideal for both adult and baby bath care.

Other uses for the Wool Sea Sponge:

  • General cleaning
  •  Car washing  
  •  Faux painting
  •  Pet hygiene
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  • Wool Carribean sponge (bleached)
  • Wool Carribean Sponge (natural color & bleached)

Available in size range from 4’’ – 7” or from 10.2cm to 10.8cm

Also available in natural color or bleached.

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