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Our company operates in the field of natural sea sponges, gathering 3 generations of experience and starting back in 1958

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Mediterranean natural sea sponge with a bee nest texture. It is considered as top quality sponge worldwide.


Thanks to its high resistance & absorbance – as well as the marvelous sense it offers as you use it – it makes the ideal natural bath sponge.

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Honeycomb Top Quality Mediterranean sea sponge (bleached & natural color)
Grass Caribbean Sea Sponge


Caribbean sponge used for bathing, cosmetic care and hygiene. Soft and absorbent, the Grass sea sponge is suitable for all types of skin.


Its high resistance combined with low cost, makes it a high demand sponge.

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Caribbean natural sea sponge with a similar structure to Honeycomb. Its soft feeling makes it suitable for all types of skin, no matter how sensitive.


Ideal for both adult cleansing & skin exfoliation as well as soft baby bath care.

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Wool Caribbean Sea Sponge
Hardhead Caribbean Sea Sponge


Known as the Caribbean “Fino”, durable and elastic, it can be used for body massage and skin exfoliation. 


It can also be used for facial cleansing, demake up, or even as a reusable feminine tampon.


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Silk Fine

Top quality Mediterranean sea sponge. Suitable for facial cleaning, it gently massages your skin while offering a pure and fresh sense, with no irritations. Ideal for make up application and demake up as well. 


Impressively absorbent and durable, highly resistant to bacteria, Silk Fine is nature’s best choice for cleaning and rejuvenating your skin.

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Silk Fine Mediterranean sea sponge (natural color & bleached)
Elephant Ear Natural Sea Sponge


Thin slices of sponge that justifies its english description – It outstands among other species. The most unique – due to its shape – and rare to find, it is harvested from great sea depths.

The elephant ear is used in ceramic art, painting and church related procedures.

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