Elephant Ear Sea Sponge

Thin slices of sponge that justifies its english description, the elephant ear sponge stands out among other species. 

The most unique due to its shape and rare to find, as it is harvested from great sea depths.

Typically used by artists in painting and pottery as its varied texture – both smooth or rough on opposite sides – creates nice varieties of shapes and styles on the painting surface.

Uses for the Elephant Ear natural sea sponge:

  • Ceramic art
  • Painting
  • Church related procedures
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  • Elephant ear sponge (Bleached)

  • Elephant ear sponge (Natural Color)

  • Elephant ear sponge (Bleached)

  • Elephant ear sponge (Natural Color)

Available in size range from 3” – 5 ½’’ or from 7.6cm to 14cm

Also available in natural color or bleached.

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