About spongean

Who we are & What we do

Spongean has been in the natural sea sponge business for three generations now, since 1958. It was established at he island of Lemnos by Emmanouel Psarras, who was a sponge diver harvesting sponges from the depths of the Aegean sea. 20 years later his son in law, Panagiotis D. Varnalis, took over and further evolved this family business…

News & Announcements

This is the section with our announcements, news, informational material and special offers for our customers.


Shipping & delivery

Our company ships sponges worldwide. Bulk, compressed or inside cartons, our sponges are packed with special care, so they get delivered to their final destination properly.

Trading shows

Spongean has participated in many trading shows and fairs, both in Greece and abroad. Click the link below to see photos from our presence at some of these events.